Commercial Real Estate Sales Pitch

In commercial real estate, you can take different presentations, in different circumstances. Most of them are business presentations, focusing on the needs of the tenant, property buyer or property seller.

Go to the main issues

Each of these groups has unique requirements for ownership and centre of gravity. It is their needs that must be identified and clearly defined in a sales or presentation plan. Many successful commercial real estate agents will have an initial meeting with the client or client so that they can identify key issues and concerns. This allows the sales agent to return to the client or client within a few days with a well-structured proposal that responds to the needs of the client or client.

It’s about what’s most important, not what you’re doing!

When designing an investment or commercial property proposal for presentation, the document should be 90% property and customer-specific. Often you see that this rule is ignored or broken with the proposal document is largely concerned with agencies and staff.

It is rare that a real estate transaction is a simple matter of renting a property, the price of a property, or physical elements of a property. In most cases, it is the combination of these things that must satisfy the basic equation of needs that the client or client has. By getting them to this fundamental need, you will identify an element of pain experienced by the client or client. This is what you focus on.

They are experienced

It is interesting to note that many clients and commercial real estate clients feel quite comfortable in business negotiations. This means that they may not give you a complete picture of the situation or all the elements of the transaction until they are ready. Conversation and connection in the presentation process should be biased towards the client or client by means of well-chosen questions that allow the agent to interpret the body language derived from the client’s answers.

When you feel that you have identified an element of customer pain associated with a real estate transaction, you begin to magnify the problem in terms of today’s market and then offer stable and logical solutions that your real estate agency business can provide to the customer or customer. Invariably, a commercial real estate transaction today focuses on financial issues such as:

  • High vacancy rates
  • Other property choices and opportunities are available
  • Lease contracts with worse results
  • Unstable cash flows
  • Unstable rental mix
  • Conflict between tenants
  • Escalation of building operating costs
  • Changing demographics that exposes the property to an unstable future
  • Pressure on mortgage repayment
  • Age of assets
  • Renewal or extension needs

Competitive properties that attract tenants away from the property
This type of information and interpretation requires you to have an intimate knowledge of the local region. This is both by type of property and by location. This is the higher value you bring to the client or client. The ability to clearly define local market awareness is a major advantage in any commercial property presentation or sale. You must be seen as the best competent solution to the problem. More of real estate details at

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