How to conserve your notebook battery.

We’ll show you how to maintain the life of your notebook battery for years, regenerate weak laptop batteries and save power when in use.

No matter how good laptop batteries may be, they will eventually run out of power and breathe life into you. However, battery technology itself can improve over time, and a lot of money is invested in developing new notebook batteries. But even if interesting new battery technologies can emerge sometime in the future, you shouldn’t expect big breakthroughs for laptop batteries in the near future.

Even if a laptop battery is ultimately doomed to slow death, you can delay its end with proper handling. We will show you how to conserve your laptop battery and use it for as long as possible. With a bit of luck, your battery will last until you can replace your outdated notebook with a new one with an extra long battery life.

Tip 1: Don’t use up your laptop battery

If you take advantage of a lithium-ion battery, which is standard on today’s notebooks, to the last drop, you will load and weaken the battery. If you do it once or twice, it won’t kill the battery, but the more you do it, the more noticeable this effect will be and the shorter the life of the battery (there’s an exception to this rule, though, because it might be better to drain the battery completely).

The good news is that you probably can’t completely discharge a notebook battery, at least not without a lot of effort. Most modern laptops are designed to shut down automatically before the battery runs out.

Windows 10, Vista and Windows 7 have special settings just for this purpose. To view these settings, click Start and type Edit Power Plan. Now select “Change advanced power settings” and a new window will appear. Scroll down and open the “Battery” settings. There you open “Critical Battery Capacity”, which is probably at about 5 percent, which is a good value.

XP has not implemented such features from the beginning, even if your notebook may have installed a vendor program that does the same thing.

Myth: You should never fully charge your notebook battery.

This point is still controversially discussed. While researching this article, we talked to experts who were sometimes for and sometimes against full charging. The advantages of leaving the house with a fully charged battery and thus being able to live longer without electricity outweigh the small risk of damaging the batteries a little.

Tip 2: Avoid heat

Heat damages your battery and reduces its lifespan. If you are using your notebook, make sure that the ventilation slots are not covered. Never use your notebook on blankets or pillows. If possible, place your notebook on a small elevation to allow a large flow of air.

You should also clean the vents as often as possible with a compressed air bottle. You can buy them for a few euros at any computer store. But make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle and only do so when your notebook is turned off.

Tip 3: Give your notebook battery a break

If you will be working only on the mains for a week or longer, first remove the notebook battery. Otherwise, wear out the battery by charging and discharging it all the time without any benefit to you. Also heat the battery (see above: “Avoid heat”).

You should avoid getting a too empty battery out of your notebook, because even an unused battery loses its stored energy over time. You certainly don’t want all the energy to be lost, so remove the battery when it’s only half charged.

Never remove the battery while your notebook is turned on, in standby, or in sleep mode. This would cause your system to crash, potentially damaging your hardware. Even connecting the battery while your laptop is running can damage the system. So only disconnect and connect the battery when your notebook is completely turned off.

If you’ve never removed your notebook battery before and don’t know how to do it, read your notebook’s user manual. (If you don’t have it anymore, you can probably find it online). The instructions usually require you to turn your notebook over and press a button on the bottom of the notebook while removing the battery.

Myth: Cool your laptop battery.

Some people recommend that you keep the battery sealed in a plastic bag in the fridge. While storing your battery in a cool place, avoid getting your battery wet. But there’s a real risk of water condensation in the fridge, so it’s better to keep your laptop battery in a dry place at room temperature. A simple filing cabinet does the job very well.

However, you should not leave the laptop battery unused or completely discharged for too long. If you don’t use your battery for more than two months, put it in your notebook for a few hours and use it for a while. You can then remove the battery.

You should also plan to charge your battery for at least a few hours before travelling. Of course, it would be better to fully charge the battery before disconnecting your notebook from the mains.

Lenovo Gaming Products: Get Your High Performance Computer

The computer and smartphone manufacturer from Hong Kong is one of the most popular in its industry. Lenovo regularly launches technology products that are well received around the world. In addition to PCs and telephones, the company’s portfolio includes notebooks, tablets, hardware and software as well as displays and accessories of all kinds. Below we would like to introduce a specific sector of Lenovo’s offering: Lenovo Gaming Products.

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Legion from Lenovo – product line for best gaming devices

The Legion series from Lenovo is a dream for gamers. The manufacturer’s gaming notebooks make it possible to play on the go. The Legion notebooks are equipped with powerful processors and the latest graphics cards – and they enable gaming pleasure anywhere. Depending on the notebook model, you’ll get an UltraHD resolution display and the sound leaves nothing to be desired.

If you want, you can even buy a notebook with wireless controller support for the Xbox and bring even more gaming fun into your own four walls. Of course, Lenovo also has the right accessories and hardware components to replace and expand.

Lenovo also offers the following gaming products

The Lenovo gaming sector includes even more than the Legion notebooks. For example, you can buy more models of gaming notebooks and choose from variants for beginners and professionals. All products are available in the shop with extensive descriptions, which create a complete picture of all services.

Another Lenovo product line is gaming desktops, which also include everything you need for untroubled gaming fun. The desktops can be flexibly expanded and the individual components are quickly replaced. A special feature of the Lenovo range is the so-called “Cube”. This handy device offers all the advantages of a desktop, but is easy to transport and can be placed anywhere in the home – just like a game console would be.

You can also discover a lot in the accessories sector. For example, there are special gaming screens with curved displays or headsets with surround sound. There are also customisable precision mice and keyboards with illuminated backgrounds.

Game State at Lenovo – Crowdsourcing for Indie Games

Game State is a platform where users have the opportunity to financially support interesting gaming projects. To access the Game State platform, log in using your Facebook account, Google account or email address. You will then see all the current indie projects that you can support. You can see the status of the projects or the current sums that have been collected for each project in real time.