Did you know that retro games are more popular than ever? More and more online players want to travel back in time and remember old times while trying out the latest slot and table games at their favorite online casinos.

This may sound a bit weird because the latest games are more impressive when it comes to sounds, graphics and the general gameplay.

So why do players turn the clocks back to get a taste of the simpler times?

Online players like modern versions of the classics

A trend that has been quite surprising in recent years during the appearance of the classic consoles that we know from our childhood. Take the Nintendo NES Classic as a perfect example. When the product was released in 2016, more than two million units were sold per month.

Other modern versions of the old-fashioned consoles include Sega Mega Drive Mini, Atari Flashback 8 Gold Deluxe and Retro 5. These machines produce limited games from days gone by, so why are they so popular?

Of course, a certain nostalgia plays a role. Many players appreciated their memories of the games they played back then, and nostalgia is something that increases every year.

Wow! There are retro slots!

Another great area of nostalgia for players is the theme of slot machines. How many of you have nice thoughts about the time when you threw coins into the local arcade games and hoped to get a row of bells or pieces of fruit on the reels?

Nowadays online slots are chic, graphically superior and based on popular TV shows, movies and blockbusters with animated features and sequences, making them completely different from the simple fruit machines we know and love.

Despite all this, there seems to be a market for the simpler things in life like retro slots with names like Mega Joker, Break Da Bank and Triple Diamond. Best of all, you can test both retro games and modern online slots in a free mode to see which ones you like and then take advantage of the free spins and welcome bonuses to get a good start when playing for real money.

An updated version of the old favorites

Some have said that if you’ve grown up with video games, then you probably have an affinity for the main characters. There is nothing better than the well-known characters like Sonic, Super Mario and others from their time.

That means we’re excited to see these old favorites in today’s games. After all, we’d rather try a game that brings back old memories and friends than one that introduces new characters (think DC and Marvel Slots).

It actually seems as if players are learning to appreciate retro games with younger generations more and more and are looking back with joy at the old classics. New players are definitely getting better, but there’s always room for the cool classics.

Retro Gaming In Budapest

My family and I were on a 3-day short trip to Budapest. Apart from the usual sightseeing stops, which I won’t report on due to the threat of missing a topic, we also made retro gaming stops at the “Game Over Budapest Konzol Muzeum” and the “Flipper-Muzeum Budapest”.

Game Over Budapest – Videogame Muzeum

The name already suggests that this is probably about pinball1 300×169 – Retro Gaming in Budapest Old Game Consoles – whereby the term museum is perhaps more of a belly brush overkill. Hidden under a cafe in a side street of Andrássy út there is a console cellar that makes players’ hearts beat faster.

For HUF 2.500,- (that’s about EUR 8,50) you get a day ticket in the form of a paper wristband with an orthographic error. But many of the consoles can be used without restrictions, but the inserted cartridge can unfortunately not be changed.

Chaotic diversity

The game cellar is decorated with nice, beautifully made retrogaming8 300×200 – Retro Gaming in Budapest murals. From the Atari 2600 to obscure collectibles like the Virtual Boy, any system can be played in a cozy atmosphere. Unfortunately there are also some console clones available, which makes the collection unnecessarily confusing and overloaded.

The presentation of the game consoles is somewhat unkind and doesn’t give the impression that this exhibition wants to transport information, because one searches in vain. A sign with general information like name, manufacturer, year of publication, etc. would have been nice.

Axel and Blaze save the world

In the beginning I was a bit overwhelmed due to the number of systems retrogaming1 copy 300×200 – Retro Gaming in Budapestd by the associated sensory overload, but after a leisurely game of Streets of Rage 2 it quickly subsided. After my wife and I had saved the world from Mr. X, I also wanted to give my children an understanding of the old consoles.

But this was not necessary at all, because they did it all by themselves. My daughter spent her time with Sonic on the Master System, my son started with Mortal Kombat (SNES), and ended up with Duck Hunt. I took care of the addition of the missing background information – so that the kids also learn something.

Everything has an end

Before we went home, we made a short stop at the “Souvenirshop” in Budapest for a Retrogaming17 200×300 – Retro Gaming: For sale are beside old consoles and games at medium high prices also T-shirts, which are however with just over EUR 20, – clearly too expensive. Since I don’t support this usury, I went back to the hotel room without a souvenir. I also think that the entrance fee, even if it is a day ticket, is a little too high due to the loveless presentation.

As already mentioned, Game Over Budapest is not a museum, but rather a large private collection, which unfortunately offers little extraordinary. Nevertheless, a visit for “people of the trade” can be worthwhile to have a look at one or the other console live. However, owners of an already large collection won’t discover many new things, but they can relax while playing and possibly make new contacts – and that’s also something nice.

Flippermuzeum Budapest

Next up was the Flipper Museum. It’s located retrogaming24 300×200 – Retro Gaming in Budapestzwar not as central as the “Game Over”, but it’s still easy to reach by Metro. A few minutes walk from the shopping center “West End” we found the museum after a short search. It is even more inconspicuous than the console cellar, as only a small neon sign indicates the “content”.

Similar to a Tardis, the Flipper Museum is much bigger from the inside than it might appear from the outside. Also for the Flipper Museum a day ticket has to be bought for about 10 Euro, which at the same time is a 500 Forint voucher for the next day ticket to reward regular customers.

What doesn’t fit is made to fit

I descended into the basement and was not astonished badly retrogaming25 300×200 – Retro Gaming in Budapestals I saw the many pinball machines. But I was even more amazed when I noticed that these were only half of the devices in the incredible collection. A total of about 150 machines are waiting to be played on! If that’s not reason enough to visit the Flipper Museum, the games are free of charge. All devices were either set to Free Play or (if this setting was simply not available) rebuilt, and the necessary buttons added.