3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Fall Vacation

After months of being cooped up inside, you might be wondering if it’s time to take a fall trip by yourself or with your family. While COVID-19 has affected a lot of travel, there are still ways to plan a getaway that’s safe and enjoyable if you’re willing to be flexible and plan ahead. Just being outside in the fall weather and enjoying the changing of the leaves can be relaxing, and it’s easy to find a destination that’ll fit within any budget with additional activities to enjoy. Autumn is the perfect time for everything from hiking to camping to apple picking. If you’re looking to get away, let’s go over three simple tips for planning the perfect fall vacation.

1. Find a unique destination.


Finding an appropriate destination can be a challenge, especially now, but there are still plenty of places to visit and things you can do. Depending on how comfortable you are flying, a road trip might be a great idea. In any event, somewhere you can walk around outside and explore without being too confined in small spaces with others is best. One option for anyone interested in visiting the South is downtown Vicksburg, Mississippi. Walking through the downtown area in beautiful autumn weather just can’t be beaten, with plenty of museums and restaurants that are open (with restrictions) for you and your family to enjoy. If you’re feeling lucky, you can also visit the Ameristar Casino, which is only a 10-minute drive away. Vicksburg even offers camping, if you really want to get out in nature and keep your distance from people outside your traveling party.

2. Pack appropriately.


While in some places fall can be mild, you need to be prepared for the weather to get chilly on a moment’s notice in most parts of the United States. A ruana wrap or a poncho can be great layering options for destinations where the weather can change appreciably from morning to evening. Even if your destination is typically sunny, the temperature at indoor attractions can vary, so a sweater or top layer of some kind is always a good idea. A tank top might not be appropriate for dinner at a nice restaurant, and you might want a cover-up for the beach. Be very thorough in your preparation and your packing if you’re going camping or expecting to partake in a lot of outdoor activities. Also, you can take this as an opportunity to treat yourself to some new clothes for your fall getaway.

3. Plan your activities in advance.


Given how many businesses are operating with reduced capacity and hours, it’s important to do research on all of the places you’re hoping to visit in advance. You don’t want to be surprised by finding something closed or inaccessible. Talk to everyone in your group to find out what their interests are and what they aren’t interested in seeing so that you can try to balance everyone’s preferences when coming up with an itinerary. If you’re going camping or on a road trip, make sure you understand how many supplies you’ll need to bring and what you’ll need for safety and in case of an emergency.

While there’s a lot about our ability to travel that has been hampered by the ongoing pandemic, there are still a lot of ways to take a short trip or travel safely this fall. Whether you want to take a road trip or fly somewhere new for a short getaway, it’s easy to find plenty of options on any budget. Wherever you go, don’t let the weather ruin your trip, make a backup plan for any outdoor activities, and pack appropriate clothes for any forecast.