3 Updates For Home Sellers on a Budget

Home upgrades can make a significant difference when you’re trying to attract buyers for your house. Real estate agents recommend sellers spend money on upgrades before listing their home and holding an open house. Whether you’re using a real estate agent or selling your home yourself, you will want to consider smart, targeted upgrades. Updates typically increase interest in the property and lead to better offers from potential buyers, but spending too much may result in a loss on the investment. Home sellers who are updating on a budget will find investing their time and money wisely will increase their chances of a fast, profitable sale.

1. Invest in Energy Efficiency


Many home buyers are concerned about energy efficiency. Home buyers have to factor in the cost and time to make upgrades themselves if a home isn’t energy efficient. Energy efficient updates can yield returns by increasing the potential sale price of your house and generating interest from buyers.

Household appliances consume a lot of energy. Turn to the professional technicians at appliance repair in Oregon to ensure that your refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer, and dryer are all in good working order. The cost may be covered under warranty, which can make this an affordable investment that will impress house shoppers.

Insulating your attic is a low-cost investment that will also appeal to energy-efficient house shoppers. Insulation prevents heat loss. Home sellers typically profit from this upgrade and home buyers benefit from savings of hundreds of dollars annually in reduced heating costs.

Other energy-efficiency improvements that appeal to buyers include replacing windows, installing solar panels, and updating the home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. All of these updates appeal to buyers because of the money they will save on home energy costs.

2. Invest in an Exterior Facelift


Curb appeal is a key selling point for many home buyers. The exterior of your home makes an immediate impression on potential buyers. Home buyers may lose interest in the property if the siding is damaged or the yard is overgrown. Some simple and affordable updates can help your property make a good impression and attract buyers who will offer asking price.

You can make a significant impact on buyers by power washing your siding and cleaning out eaves. Older siding may need to be spruced up with a fresh coat of paint. You may also want to repaint the window trims and clean your windows to approve your home’s appearance.

Landscaping is another inexpensive upgrade that delivers a solid return on investment. Trimming shrubs, removing debris, and cutting grass are all effective ways of improving curb appeal. Planting flowers is an optional investment that can help your house stand apart.

You may also want to replace your home’s front door. Buyers will notice these features. Old doors can cause drafts, which will increase energy costs. A new door that is energy efficient and visually appealing will help impress buyers.

3. Upgrade The Interior


Every house has potential problem spots that may deter buyers. This includes rooms that need repairs. Every house needs to have a kitchen and bathroom that function. This doesn’t mean that all rooms in the home need to be remodeled. Targeted updates can give these rooms an effective facelift that will appeal to buyers.

Most people consider the kitchen to be their favorite room in the house. Remodeling a kitchen is expensive, but affordable changes include painting cabinets and replacing hardware. You can also install new countertops. You may also want to paint the walls to make your kitchen look bright and airy.

Your bathroom does need to be functional. Make sure everything is in working order. Re-caulk around your tub and toilet. Replace the grout between floor and shower tiles. You may also want to upgrade cabinet hardware, install a new mirror and paint the walls to give the bathroom a clean, fresh feel.

Identify the least-appealing areas of your home. You may want to replace damaged flooring. If the house has been occupied by smokers it may be a priority to repaint the walls. Another simple way to make a good impression is to replace window treatments. New drapes, blinds, and curtain rods can help add to your home’s visual appeal.

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