4 Rules of Etiquette New Swingers Should Know

Maybe you and your partner are looking to add a little spice to your sex life. You’ve talked it over and you’re ready to try your hand at a swingers lifestyle. While this may seem like a fun adventure where general rules don’t apply, you may have a lot to learn before you engage in your first experience.

Swingers are couples who attend parties where they can switch off and find new sexual partners. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy other people and get intimate in new ways with new partners. It can often be just the thing you need to make sex and romance fun and exciting for you and your partner again. But to be sure you have a fun evening everyone can enjoy, it’s important to first understand the etiquette and rules to follow for swingers. Ground rules have to be put in place, or else there could be some uncomfortable side effects from your evening that will make things awkward down the line. Especially if you are attending a party for the first time, do your research and be ready to enjoy a new experience. Here are just a few of the most important rules to understand for first-time swingers.

1. Monitor your own health.

For anyone engaging in sexual activity, it’s important to be healthy for your partner, especially when it comes to STDs and STIs. Be sure you are staying healthy and hygienic so you can enjoy a positive sexual experience. For older couples, this may also include dealing with erectile dysfunction or difficulty keeping a lasting erection. Seek medical attention for your erection problems and see about getting medicine from the pharmacy. A pharmacist can advise you about potential medicines that can be helpful for erectile dysfunction as well. The cost of Sildenafil is small compared to the embarrassment of losing an erection while swinging. Look for active ingredients that will help you stay healthy and feel your best as swinging beginners.

2. Know the rules of the party.

For beginners who may be interested in attending a swingers party, it’s important to find out the rules before you attend your first party. These are events where you and your partner go to find other couples who may be interested in swinging. The key is to know the rules of the party before you engage. If certain rooms are off-limits, you need to respect that. If they ask everyone to bring a gift or your own bottle of alcohol, be sure you’re ready to provide. Being prepared and knowing the rules will help you feel confident when you arrive and guarantee you will be asked back in the future.

3. Communication is key.

When you’ve been with one sexual partner for a long time, you probably already know what each person likes and is comfortable with. When you’re engaging with someone new, you need to be open and ready to communicate with one another. Don’t ever assume that they are looking for exactly the same thing as you. Take the time to review what you both want. This will help anchor your experience in honesty so you can both enjoy the experience and not have any doubts or regrets.

4. Let the ladies lead.

In a traditional setting, the men will usually approach the women first. It is the opposite for swingers. One of the most important pieces of etiquette is for you to let the ladies lead. This is a basic element of swinging. The ladies don their magnetic lash liner, complete with false lashes, and mascara and they get to do all the talking. This is the first indication that the couple is interested in swinging and feels comfortable communicating with you. If the men lead, it can seem aggressive and uncomfortable at times. Instead, let the ladies bat their lashes at you and take charge, and see where the night goes from there.