5 Reasons to Visit Prague

There is no shortage of reasons to visit Prague. From landmarks like the St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle to legends like the Golem of Prague, the appeal is unquestionable. Like any trip though, the costs of airfare, lodging, and other travel expenses are a big commitment. If you need a little more motivation to book your next trip to the Czech Republic, consider these five reasons to visit Prague.

The Architecture

Prague is, without a doubt, an architecture fan’s dream city. The city brings together a variety of styles⁠—Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque, to name just a few⁠—in remarkable harmony. With the city encompassing centuries of history, it’s a particularly special experience to step into the past as you peruse the streets of Prague.

Some particularly famous architectural landmarks include Powder Tower, Kinsky Palace, and the National Museum. But tourists don’t need to limit themselves to the most notable pieces. Throughout the city, you’ll find seemingly insignificant buildings that are things of beauty. If nothing else, your Instagram profile will thank you.

The History

With a more than a 6,000-year legacy surrounding it, Prague’s history is more expansive than you could possibly take in in just one trip. Still, there are plenty of historical sites to take in while you try. Visit Staromestske Namesti, the Prague Astronomical Clock, or the Spanish Synagogue to experience a few highlights of this celebrated city. From Rudolf II in the 16th century to the formation of the Czech Republic in 1993, history buffs of all areas of expertise can find something to spark their interest.

The Mythology

The city of Prague has its share of myths and legends, too. One of the famous folktales comes from the city’s Jewish traditions: the golem of Prague. According to legend, the golem was created by the Maharal, Rabbi Loew, as a protector for the Jewish community, whose members for facing violent anti-semitic attacks.

The story of the golem of Prague maintains that the body of the deactivated golem still lies in the attic of Old New Synagogue. Other points of interest include statues throughout the city, Rabbi Loew’s grave in the Old Jewish Cemetery, and even a bakery, Golem Biscuits. You can pick up keychains, statuettes, and other souvenirs featuring the golem to remember your time in Prague, too.

The Literature

Alongside its other sources of historical intrigue, Prague features an ample share of authors and books. Perhaps the most notable, Franz Kafka (author of “The Metamorphosis” and other titles) was born in the city in 1883. Today, you can visit sites such as the street where the author was born, a statue depicting him upon the shoulders of a faceless figure attributed to both the golem and Kafka’s story Description of a Struggle, and the Franz Kafka Museum.

The Food

And, by extension, the drinks! You might not have much experience with Czech food but it’s well worth the trip. Some favorites include kulajda (a potato soup), svickova (a vegetable sauce with steak and bread dumplings), kolache (a sweet-filled yeast dough), and chlebicek (an open-faced sandwich). Be sure to do some research ahead of time to find the best restaurants in Prague, especially if you have any dietary restrictions to watch out for. If you work up a thirst after eating such delicious foods, you’re in luck⁠—Prague and the Czech Republic in general are well known for their beer selection.

With so many reasons to visit Prague, it’s no wonder that so many tourists visit the city and leave with a sincere love for it. If you find yourself drawn by the lure of Czech beer, the legacy of Franz Kafka, or the legend of the Prague golem, you’ll find something for you in Prague.

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