Everything You Need To Prepare Before You Move

Moving often becomes a major part of many people’s lives. Sometimes you don’t have the option to reside in one place for years, and years. You might have to move because of a new job. Maybe you have a son or daughter who was been accepted into the West Catholic Preparatory High School. Sometimes you and your family might just want a change of pace. Your moving needs might just be as simple as wanting to move to a small town, to get away from the manic pace of the city. Whatever the reason, many people will go through a move in the hopes of finding a better option for their living needs.

In 2019 alone, approximately 31 million people moved to new residences in the United States. Percentage-wise this means that approximately 9.8 percent of U.S. citizens were going through the moving process of packing up their possessions, utilizing the services of a moving company, and then moving to places like Scottsdale, AZ, or Albany, NY. When a person moves, there are certain things that they should know to prepare before taking on the moving process. We’ll dig a bit more into what these things are which will best help a person to move properly.

Research the best moving company.


When you are preparing for a move, large or small, one option which you’ll have is to hire the services of professional movers. This means more than just hiring the first set of muscular moving men or women that you see on the streets. You want your moving needs to be handled by professional movers, so your possessions and belongings are well taken care of. Start the process of finding professional movers by researching such businesses online.

If you’re moving from the Scottsdale, AZ area, to Phoenix, AZ starts off by searching for Phoenix moving companies. Look for those movers who provide local move options, shrink wrapping services, corporate relocation, experience with handling fragile items, and provide an overall great experience when it comes to their moving services. Make a checklist for all of the services which these movers offer, and make sure that the company has years of experience in this field. Only then will you be able to determine if the team of movers which you might choose will meet your moving needs.

Research the area you’re moving to.

One of the first things that you’ll want to do when moving to a new area is to do a bit of research. Let’s say your main reason for moving is to be closer to your job. You’ve found such a location, which is a major accomplishment. You’ll also want to see if the area you’re moving to will provide you with whatever else you might want.

For instance, you have a child who is a high school student, you’ll want to check on schools in the area. Check to see if that nearby Catholic preparatory high school will be a good fit for them. Is the new condo you’re moving to close to local grocery stores, or will you have to complete a trek just to get groceries? Before you make a cross country or interstate move to a new location, do a bit of homework on the area that you’ll be moving to.

Get Supplies


When you make the decision to move to a new house, apartment, or condo, you’ll need to purchase supplies for the move itself. This might mean purchasing shrinkwrap for your antique items, or masks to wear to prevent exposure to COVID-19. Look into getting a set of storage containers to store items in which might immediately be packed away in the attic of your new condo.

Some of the common moving supplies which you’ll need will include cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, moving blankets, furniture pads, stretch plastic wrap, permanent markers, and a tape dispenser. Purchasing these items will make your big day of moving a simple moving process overall.