How Often to Maintain Your Heat Pump

Maintenance of your home’s heat pump and air conditioning is crucial, especially when it comes to your bottom line. Proper operation of your pump will save energy, and proper maintenance is the key to what some experts say is 10 to 25 percent of savings on your monthly energy bill.

While it may seem like a burden, there are actually some simple things to make part of your regimen that will help that heat pump have a greater-than-average life span.

Changing Filters


One of the easier aspects of routine maintenance for your heat pump is the cleaning and replacing your filters. You should change or clean your filters at least once a month, or as recommended by the unit’s manufacturer. Dirty air filters and coils reduce airflow, decreasing the system’s performance and even doing greater damage to equipment like the compressor. Those filters also build up tons of dust, and other contaminants that left untreated over time ruin your indoor air quality. This can also trigger allergy symptoms and lead to other medical conditions.

This extends to an outdoor unit, where dirt and debris can have a significant impact over time. In some cases, vegetation can block off elements of a heat pump that limit its ability to circulate air properly. Be sure to shut down power to the unit and then spray down filters. These blockages can eventually end up leading to pollutants in your central air and heat pump system. Don’t hesitate to consult an HVAC service if you have issues doing this yourself.

Checking Equipment


Part of routine maintenance for a heat pump is having an annual or biannual evaluation by a licensed technician. This will allow for an overall assessment of your HVAC system from the heat pump to the ductwork of the unit. This will help to spot any issues with immediacy, like leaks or cracks in the ducts that allow airflow to be compromised. A regular service call can also save you on any repairs in the long run and assure that your system is operating at peak efficiency.

If you do need to schedule a heat pump repair, trust in a maintenance service that you as a homeowner feel comfortable bringing in to handle everything from a dirty air filter to a clogged capacitor. Heat pump repair is not something to be handled lightly, as some cracks in the system can actually be dangerous for someone who isn’t professionally trained. Your pump’s labor warranty may cover any replacement parts as needed if you schedule service. This may also fall true in the event of emergency heat repair.

Correct Thermostat Operation


If you notice that the temperature on your thermostat isn’t matching what’s coming out of your heat pump or air conditioner, there’s a chance you may need to hire a repair service for your system. Thermostat glitches can often be linked to something as simple as gunk accruing on internal wires to a faulty connection between the thermostat and the HVAC system. Repair costs usually run in the low hundreds in pricing, but some homeowners have opted to replace the unit with a smart thermostat.

These programmable thermostats allow homeowners to set temperatures for the furnace and air conditioner, even allowing access to a thermostat via a mobile app. This prevents the need for running a heat pump all day when you’re out of the house, saving you on your energy bill. This appliance repair can be handled easily by a licensed technician, who can take care of the replacement and guide you through the proper use of a smart thermostat. Some programmable thermostats may even be covered under certain warranties.