How To Plan a Romantic Getaway

From romantic picnics at the top of your favorite mountain to secluded island paradise getaways, making regular time for romance is important for the health of your long term relationship. Romantic escapes with your partner can not only seal your bond, but help you to build shared memories, and shake off the normal worries and anxieties that come with day to day responsibilities. If you and your sweetheart have become stuck in a rut, the answer could be planning a romantic escape. For tips on how to plan a romantic getaway, read on.

Deciding on an Escape


In the middle of a global pandemic, it’s not unusual to want to escape. For many couples, the answer is safe to travel to where social distancing and privacy are key but are still exotic places. The great news is that it’s not difficult to plan private romantic escapes through couples-only all-inclusive resort packages.

Maybe you’ve turned your backyard into a Covid-19 quarantine private oasis. While your home hot tub and private plunge pool may have served their purposes, it’s always nice to get away to a new place. From waterfalls and private balconies to hot springs and the feeling of a second honeymoon, there are many incentives to planning a romantic adventure with your partner elsewhere.

Calling your local travel agent and asking for deals and discounts at safe resorts could be step one in planning your next escape. Spend some time with your partner writing down a list of wants and needs. Whether it’s a fire pit for relaxing beside or a private pool with ocean views, it’ll be important to know what you’re looking for before making that call.

Planning Your Trip and Fine Details


Once you’ve determined where you’re escaping to, turn your attention to the details of your romantic weekend getaway. Let your travel agent worry about the luxury suite or peak hours while you pack your bags for comfort and romantic bonding. Instead of worrying about them, learn how to reduce anxiety about utility bills, focus on the details of your romantic getaway by packing special items for couples. Consider adult games, lingerie, or items that will encourage your shared interests when packing those suitcases.

Don’t forget to pack extra cash for your trip. You never know where your adventure will lead. From an old New Zealand winery to a romantic dinner after a private spa treatment, you’ll want that cash on hand to make your romantic trip a success.

Saving Money


Like many others, it’s likely that you’ve put off your romantic escape plan far too long because of finances. It can be easy to afford a romantic getaway with a little financial planning. Startup a fund for your escape. Take a look at your regular budget and see how much you and your partner could add to the fund every week. Instead of ordering takeout, put that money into your vacation fund. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty to fund your romantic getaway.

While choosing your perfect escape, look for discounts. From packages to off-season prices, there are ways to save money when booking your trip. Enrolling in traveling clubs, taking advantage of reward points, and working with a travel agent can all be ways to save money, too.

At the end of the day, normal responsibilities can wait. Taking time to go on a romantic getaway will help your relationship and add to your overall quality of life. Even the planning process of your dream getaway can be therapeutic to the health and your overall state of mind. Consider planning your romantic getaway today, and you’ll thank yourself for it tomorrow.