How To Relocate Your Spa Business

Businesses relocate for a number of reasons, to save money, to accommodate growth, to be closer to customers, the list goes on. The downside to this, however, is employees who may be unwilling to relocate (due to a longer commute) and customers who may be inconvenienced by the change of location. Moving is stressful and brings with it a ton of things to consider: do you have access to labor at your new location? Will you be using a moving company? Will your budget be enough to cover your moving costs? The questions can be dizzying. Moving is a major undertaking and before you begin the process, here is a list of four things you can do to ensure that your business move goes off smoothly.

1. Hire a moving company.

Hiring a professional moving company is the best way to have a stress worry-free move. But before you settle on a mover, make sure you do some research, to make sure that you’re using the best movers. The best local moving experts for you will take special care of your belongings from the moment you first reach out to them right until your final box is unloaded.

When looking for moving companies in Maryland, for instance, start by seeking recommendations from people you trust. Your realtor might be well placed to suggest a local moving company to use, and they may also have a list of moving companies to avoid. Once you identify a mover you’d like to work with, get a written price quote to make sure that the free quote (in most cases) you receive is an accurate estimate of the total cost. This will also help you learn more about the moving company and the services they offer.


If you dislike packing, look for a full-service moving company that offers packing and crating services. Most Maryland movers offer insurance for your belongings, so remember to enquire about this and to get details of this in writing. In most cases, your home insurance policy should still be applicable while items are in transit to your new home/place of business, but be sure to confirm beforehand.

A professional mover will want to safeguard their reputation and will be happy to provide you with references from past clients. Review these references/reviews because brand reputation should be something you consider before making your final decision. What’s more, when considering moving costs, it can be tempting to hire a local mover who offers cheap rates. But please note that the moving industry is filled with unlicensed and unregulated movers who have little to no experience. Look for a professional mover who has years of experience, to guarantee that they are professionals who know what they’re doing.

2. Lookout for self-storage solutions.

The best way to find temporary storage during a business transition is by renting out a short term storage unit. Most storage companies rent out their storage containers, lockers, rooms, and other spaces on a short-term basis. However, some self-storage units are rented on a monthly lease, with options for longer leases. During your relocation, a self-storage facility can help you store some of your belongings, further helping you save up on transportation costs.

A great storage facility should be clean and well organized. A clean and storage unit also shows that the facility is well-maintained, guaranteeing your belongings will be cared for in the same way. A good storage company will also have damage control mechanisms in place to safeguard against potential hazards such as flooding, fires, and natural disasters. They should also have pest control measures to control pests such as rats which can damage your belongings.


Renting a storage unit before planning your business move will also allow you to pack your equipment at a comfortable pace, eliminating the stress of last-minute panic packing. You can start by packing spa equipment that you don’t use on a regular basis for storage. As your move day draws closer, you can then move on to packing the larger items. Doing this will allow you to stay organized while still leaving you enough time to make last-minute moving arrangements. As you move your items to the storage unit, be sure to label the boxes and keep them separate to make access to them easier.

3. Beware of bad odor.

Most realtors agree that bad smells are one of the biggest deal-breakers for renters and buyers. When not attended to, the foul smell could stick to your household goods, salon equipment, and clothing, instead of going away on its own. Taking care of this smell before moving into your new business space makes it easier to handle any tough odors because deep cleaning is a part of the moving process.

Regardless of what odor is snuffing up the new location, first, open a few windows. When indoor spaces are shut up airtight, odors tend to build up. Bad odor in indoor spaces is so prevalent that the EPA estimates that indoor air quality is 2-100 times more polluted than outside air. Keeping the windows in your new location open before your relocation will allow fresh air to circulate and let the foul air out.


Weed smells are one of the hardest smells to get rid of because weed smoke adheres to floors, furniture, walls—basically every surface. All surfaces will need to be thoroughly cleaned, but that’s just the beginning. A relatively new method for deodorizing the walls and ceilings is by using Veil. Veil spray alters the weed odor molecules so that you can’t smell them anymore. A spritz of the spray contains essential oils of Virginia Cedar, cracked black pepper, and sweet orange to leave a more attractive scent behind. For more information on how Veil works, visit their website at

4. Repair damaged equipment.

Before your move, makes sure to repair all broken or damaged salon and spa equipment. Cosmetic Laser Warehouse specializes in the maintenance and repair of Palomar and Syneron salon equipment. Their accredited technicians are praised for their skill in laser repairs. Also known for their handpiece and malfunctioning software repair service, they can help you fix any broken equipment, eliminating the need for you to buy new appliances. To learn more about their medical laser repair services, visit their website at


As you plan your business move, inform your clients of the move well in advance. Finally, include details such as directions to the new location, and any parking requirements they should be aware of.