How to Run a Teletherapy Clinic

Since the 2020 novel coronavirus pandemic forced nations into lockdown, the way people access services has changed. Consumers purchase more items online, and medical doctors offer Telehealth care to reduce the number of patients who receive in-person treatment.


The mental health field has also adapted. Psychotherapists now offer clients the opportunity to schedule appointments for live chat counseling sessions. This is ideal for patients seeking a safe space to receive psychotherapy treatment. Mental health professionals planning to add Teletherapy services can use these tips to establish their practice.

Identify the services you’ll provide and the professionals on your team.


Some psychotherapists specialize in treating specific mental health issues, such as addiction or depression. Others concentrate on specific patients, such as adolescents or married couples, that they treat exclusively. Psychotherapists may also specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy or other forms of treatment. To effectively structure your services and promote your teletherapy clinic, you need to establish your focus to determine if there are specific issues you plan to treat, clients you serve, or therapeutic methods you use.


Some patients may benefit from seeing a mental health counselor individually, while others may need a combination of individual and family sessions. It’s important to clarify if you have a family therapist who can accommodate those patients to ensure you can meet client needs. Patients in New York City may prefer working with NY psychotherapists they have the option of seeing them in person once pandemic restrictions are lifted. You may also have patients who must be treated by a clinician like a psychiatrist because they need prescriptions for their condition.


You must understand the nature of the services you’re providing to ensure you effectively promote your Teletherapy clinic and help patients find the right therapist for their needs.

Establish a secure system for video chats.



Internet security is a significant concern for mental health counselors seeing patients online. You can ensure patients receive treatment in a safe space with appropriate website hosting and software choices. Hire a professional web developer to create your website. You may need a back-end specialist to create the framework while a front-end specialist develops the design plan and interface system.


Host your site on a private server. Private servers offer distinct benefits. They’re more secure, which means it’s harder for hackers to breach your site. Private servers also have less lag time. This means you won’t have to worry about disruptions when your therapy team is providing services to clients.


You’ll also need useful live chat software. Popular live chat programs may not be secure, so you must research your options thoroughly.

Confirm which insurance plans you accept and the cost of services for uninsured patients.

Whether you’re operating from an office in New York or have psychotherapists providing services from private offices across the country, you’ll need to ensure your team is paid. To do this, you’ll need to establish the cost of treatment options and identify the insurance plans your clinic accepts for payment. When potential patients reach your contact center, they should be presented with straightforward payment options. Your website should also provide payment information.

Develop a customer service plan.



Once you clarify the professionals on your team, the services they provide, and the cost of services, you can establish your contact center. You may opt to contract a call center to provide these services or invest in software to enable your customer service professionals to meet client needs. offers exceptional omnichannel software that enables clients to use multiple communication methods to interact with customer service staff. Whether a caller wants to talk to a person over the phone or send a text message, their communication is processed by the system and directed to an appropriate representative who can address their needs. Your Teletherapy clinic benefits from providing exceptional customer service, ensuring client satisfaction, and increasing your customer service team’s efficiency.


Creating a Teletherapy clinic involves confirming the services you’ll offer and the cost of services. Once you have the infrastructure to provide secure counseling sessions and have a customer service team to collect payments and schedule appointments, you’ll be ready to offer mental health services to patients.