Must-Have Packing List for Traveling With Kids

Learning how to pack for a family holiday comes with mistakes and learning lessons. It can feel overwhelming thinking about everything that kids use on a daily basis and may need while away from home. Save on packing stress and use this must-have packing list for traveling with kids.

Baggage Limits

Confirm an airline's baggage policy before starting to pack. Find out the allowed weight and dimensions of carry-on luggage. Most airlines allow free checking of car seats, cribs, and strollers, and reasonable quantities of baby formula, baby food, and breast milk above the regulation carry-on size are allowed.

Kids' Gear

Small children need some basic gear while traveling. Strollers aren't the easiest to tote children in while getting around an airport. Check-in the stroller and use a baby carrier for easy mobility. Travel with a light-weight umbrella stroller that is easy to fold. Choosing to bring along a car seat or renting one through professional services is a personal choice. There are many baby-gear rental services that can deliver products to travelers at their airport or hotel.

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Carry-On Bag

Treat a carry-on bag as an essentials bag. Pack all the things that are important or that need to be easily accessed in a lightweight backpack. Pack a carry-on with coloring books and crayons, a storybook, a few small toys, some snacks, travel documents, and an extra outfit for the child. When getting things prepared for packing, keep a list of important essentials that can't be left behind.

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Travel Essentials

Packing a travel-sized first aid kit is always a smart idea. Stock the kit with basics like allergy medicine, ibuprofen, stomach medicine, bandaids, antiseptic cream, and a thermometer. Carrying a small pair of scissors is useful when trying to open things, cut through knots, or detangle kids' fingers when they get curious about wrapping things on them. Ziploc bags keep snacks fresh and liquids from spilling all over, plus they are great for keeping dirty or wet clothing separate from clean clothes.

Smart Clothing

Pack clothing that is versatile, can be layered, and that isn't bulky. Stick to packing essential clothing items and leave behind excessive or valuable jewelry. Being comfortable when traveling is more important than being stylish. When packing kid's clothing, go with one outfit per day plus one or two extra outfits. The same guideline applies to socks and underwear. Shoes get heavy quickly, so wear something comfortable and pack one additional, lightweight pair. It's a good idea to pack a waterproof jacket with a hood in case of rain as well.

Efficient Packing

It may feel overwhelming trying to determine what needs to be packed, how to pack it, and what not to forget. Vacations are something to be excited about and the days leading up to leaving don't need to be stressful. Set out everything that is deemed necessary for the trip and try packing. See what fits and what doesn't, then go through and pare down to decide what's essential and what can stay behind.

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