Visiting NOLA? Here Are a Few Things To Keep in Mind

New Orleans, or NoLa, is one of the most European cities in the United States, brimming with music, art, and culture. Thinking of NoLa brings to mind Mardi Gras, wild parties on Bourbon Street, po’boys, and brass bands. That being said, there’s much more to the Big Easy than its classic tourist attractions. Before you head off for your first adventure to New Orleans, there are a few things you should know.

NoLa isn’t a place for an agenda.


Spontaneity reigns supreme in New Orleans, which means rather than set an agenda, put together a tentative itinerary. The Big Easy is full of must-see attractions and mouth-watering restaurants. Familiarize yourself with cultural attractions and sites before arriving, but be flexible with your adventures. You’d be surprised how many amazing things you’ll come across by accident.

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You will become a foodie.


When your clothes start to feel snug, you’ll know you’re doing New Orleans right. The city is filled with delicious aromas, from rich, spicy Creole and Cajun to decadent po’boys and beignets. You can experience the city’s culinary expertise in home kitchens and noteworthy restaurants, and vegans and vegetarians will find plenty of diet-friendly options. NoLa’s cuisine is definitely heavy and not something that should be calorie counted. Indulge your inner foodie while visiting, but do pack some antacids with you.

Don’t make yourself a target for trouble.


You’ve heard travel horror stories of people being mugged on vacation. The important thing to know as a New Orleans newbie is that it’s better to be safe than sorry. The city’s crowded streets are a haven for pickpockets who target vulnerable big-ticket items. Never keep anything valuable in your back pocket. Valuables should always be limited and kept in your front pocket or a bag worn on your chest.

People love to stay out into the wee hours drinking and enjoying, but no one wants to wake up foggy and need to fill out an accident report. Never walk alone after midnight in the Quarter. Stick to the roads most traveled and choose a bright street over a dimly lit street. The best way to get back to your accommodation is to spring for a rideshare or taxi.

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Keep these tips in mind before heading down to New Orleans so that you can have a truly memorable time.