What Tenants Want Their Vacation Rentals to Include

Instead of staying in hotels, many people opt to rent a vacation rental when they go on vacation. Vacation rentals are furnished houses, apartments, or condos. They’re also known as short-term rentals (STRs) or vacation home rentals (VHRs).

Most guests stay in vacation rentals for less than a month. During their stay, they enjoy all the amenities the property has to offer. They may opt to buy groceries and cook their meals or eat out. The services and features offered in vacation rentals vary widely, but the features explored here are core features most tenants look for when choosing their vacation rental.

Excellent Management


No matter what features a vacation home offers, tenants are unlikely to have a positive experience if it has poor management. When tenants book home from Scottsdale vacation rental property management, they have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the property is managed by professionals who focus on their crucial needs. They provide 24/7 concierge services, ensuring guests can take advantage of local spas or find the types of venues they’re looking for, such as nightclubs or restaurants. Expert property managers employ reliable cleaning crews to ensure vacation homes are cleaned to professional standards. The property’s management team looks after all the details, ensuring tenants have a fantastic vacation and recommend the rental to others.



Vacationing families need plenty of space to accommodate their needs. While individual needs vary, it’s crucial listings indicate the number of bedrooms in the property and the number of beds included because children’s rooms may contain bunk beds or twin beds. This information allows prospective tenants to determine which properties have enough room for their needs.

Tenants also want enough room to function in the home. This means they’ll want to ensure there’s enough kitchen and dining space to cook and serve everyone staying with them. Tenants also need recreational space, such as a living room or family room.

Outdoor Space


Outdoor space expands the living area tenants have to enjoy on their vacation. Although some may opt to rent an apartment or condo, these venues can offer outdoor patio space on a balcony or terrace. Rental homes should have a clearly defined yard to ensure tenants know which area they can use. Property managers ensure the grass is mowed and hedges are trimmed so tenants can enjoy the fresh air and sunlight.

Recreational Facilities

Engaging in recreational activities offers multiple health benefits, and many people take advantage of their time on vacation to enjoy recreational activities. While some tenants may search for homes with a pool and other recreational features, such as access to walking trails or an indoor pool table, others may opt for rental homes that are part of an HOA with access to a community pool. Many buildings with condos and apartments also have recreational facilities on site, appealing to vacationers who want to stay physically active during their vacation.



Convenience is a critical selling feature for many tenants. Easy access to tourist sites or recreational venues may be a selling point. While homeowners can’t change their property’s location before they turn it into a vacation home, anyone buying a vacation property should consider how convenient the location is. Vacation homes targeting skiers should offer easy access to the slopes, while rental properties attracting beach-goers should have easy access to the shore. Access to grocery stores and popular local tourist destinations will also appeal to many potential tenants.

Kid-Friendly Features


Many tenants have children and are looking for a place where they can enjoy a family vacation. Ensuring you have kid-friendly features can increase your potential client base. Kid-friendly features include kid-safe dishes, cabinet locks, door alarms, fenced yards, a pool fence, and baby gates.

Tenants may also be influenced by extraneous features, such as kid-friendly and pet-safe table plants. Properties featuring plants that aren’t pet-safe or that trigger allergies may miss out on potential renters.

Tenants use vacation rentals as a home base during their vacations. They may opt to rent a house, condo, or apartment. Some critical features tenants want their vacation home to have included professional property managers, indoor and outdoor space, recreational facilities, and kid-friendly features. Vacation properties should also be convenient, offering easy access to popular tourist destinations and essential resources.