5 Essential Steps for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Getting ready to sell your home can be a stressful thing to do. There is an incredible amount of uncertainty that goes into any home sale, but with a little perseverance, a deal for a favorable price is at the end of that tunnel. There are a few things you can do now as you prepare to sell your home to make the process easier, and even increase the value before your home hits the market.

1. Consider some quick renovations.

Upgrading the bathroom fixtures, retiling the kitchen, or knocking down an interior wall to create a new, open-plan design can all go a long way towards increasing the value of your home. These changes can all be done with little upfront planning and often on a shoestring budget. Just make sure you invest in a project that will actually increase your home’s overall value instead of sinking cash into one that beautifies but only adds to your home’s bottom line marginally.

2. Choose paint carefully.


Repainting the walls can add a new dimension to a home as it hits the market. However, be careful while choosing a color to transform your interiors. There are a number of paint choices that can increase the sale price on your property by thousands of dollars, and others that diminish the average sale price by equal amounts. A white bathroom for instance, can decrease your potential profit by over $4,000!

3. Ask your realtor to stage the house.

Taking your furniture out of the home is essential to proper staging. There is a particular buyer out there who will want to set the home up in exactly the same way you did, but the vast majority will have their own designs on the space you are exiting. Finding a secure storage unit is essential to getting your belongings out of the way and placing staging pieces in the home for prospective buyers to explore the space. A simple search for ‘storage Fort Lauderdale, FL’ will give you great results on easy to access and cheap self-storage options while you’re selling your house. There are self-storage options available that include easy access, climate control to keep your valuables and other belongings safe from mildew, and an affordable rental fee. With this in mind, it should be a no brainer to consider a self-storage unit when you’re staging your home for potential buyers.

Filling the space with pieces of furniture that lend themselves to a more open expression of the space will attract more potential buyers because they each will bring their own visions to space. Without your pictures, couches, and general clutter in the way, more people will find interest in the home.

4. Spruce up the windows.

Having your glass surfaces serviced before taking glamor shots of the property can add to its allure for prospective buyers. Booking window cleaning Orlando is simple and can help your listing really shine amongst a crowded page full of great listings. Dirty windows suggest an owner that isn’t attentive to their property, leading some buyers away from your home altogether with thoughts of other half measures in the interior. Show your home’s best face by getting a great deal on window washing by a professional window cleaner who can use a pressure wash to get off any hard water stains you may have. With good customer service and helpful staff, it makes sense to hire a local business to take care of your window washing.

5. Be patient.

Patience is key when selling your home. Rushing your home to market is a surefire way to sell for less than you deserve. Keep your eye on the prize and make sure your home is cleaned and staged to perfection each time prospective buyers come to visit the property. This way, you will always be presenting the most valuable possible asset to someone who will eventually buy the home from you. A house is a place for comfort and living, but it’s also a financial asset that you must take great care of in order to secure the best possible return.

Stay focused and be patient, the right buyer will come along and offer you a great price if you take the time to prepare the house and set it loose on the market with its best foot forward.