Stuck at Home? Consider These Upgrades to Make it More Fun

If there is going to be just one positive, amongst the awfulness of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that the virus has given people more quality time with their families than they’d ever have dreamed of.

You may not be able to do anything about being stuck in the house, but you can upgrade your home and make it a much cooler place to be. Maybe some of that extra time at home can be used to upgrade appliances, install new fixtures, or decorate some rooms to be more distinctive spaces. Continue reading to learn ways that you can make your home more fun for your whole family, while you’re quarantining.

Make room.

One of the biggest issues that people are facing during the pandemic is that they’re couped up with the same people all day, every day. Granted these people are family and not strangers, but too much of anyone can be a little testing to the bounds of love.

A great way to give you and your family a little space from each other is to make more room in shared spaces, like your family room or den. If you have pieces of furniture in those rooms that you no longer use, then remove them to create space. You’d be surprised how much good a little breathing room could do for the family dynamics.

Repair or replace your appliances.

The bad thing about telling your significant other that you’re going to fix something is that they remember you saying it, and they expect you to do it. Now that you’re stuck in the house, you have no reason for not taking care of some overdue maintenance needs.

If you can’t dry clothes at night because the pounding of your dryer against the laundry room floor shakes the house like an advancing army, then you have a problem. The sooner you get that repaired, then the sooner you can get a good night’s sleep once more.

Calling Honolulu Appliance Repair Pro is the best choice you can make when you’re looking for appliance repair in Oahu. Not only do they have a track record for doing excellent work, but they’re fast, friendly, and affordable. The time at home has given you the complete freedom to go through the house and see what fixtures and appliances need work. It has also taken away the excuses!

Automate your home.

Once your dryer is fixed and it no longer breakdances when you turn it on, you can make some fun upgrades. Smart home automation anyone? If you’ve been considering automation for your home, then you need to talk with your local Savant dealers.

Savant has been helping families with their automation solutions for over a decade. They offer touchscreen systems that integrate easily with your various Apple products to make running your house from your iPhone or iPad simple.

Not only can you use home automation to control your entertainment system, but it’s also good for managing energy consumption and monitoring your home security system. You can control your lights, thermostat, locks, and security cameras all from your smartphone when you’re away from the property, and by voice command when you’re at home.

Upgrade your yard.

A great way to liven up your home is to do a little yard improvement. If you’re a plant lover, then you should grow a flower garden in your front yard. Not only will the garden liven up your yard and add to your home’s curb appeal, but it’ll also give you something to do. Gardening is a great way to relieve stress, and many people also develop a bond with their plants.

In the process of upgrading your front yard, don’t neglect your back yard. If you want to make it a place where you can entertain during the cool fall months, then add a firepit and some logs large enough to sit on. Now you’re only a projector and a large drop cloth away from “bonfire and a movie.”