Tips for Taking a Breather From 2020

Let’s be honest — 2020 has been one wild ride. It seems like it’s constantly been one thing after another with absolutely no breaks. You’ve been so patient and you’ve done everything right. You’ve followed all the guidelines and rules, but the confinement is starting to wear you down. It’s about time you took a load off and participated in some heavy self-care activities. This doesn’t have to mean that you’re breaking out the mud masks and wine again — that’s probably a little mundane at this point. Maybe it’s time for you to look into some other ways to love yourself and take a breather from 2020.

As previously stated, basic self-care methods likely aren’t cutting it anymore and it might be time to seek other options. These days it’s pretty hard to venture out into the public and do anything more than grocery shop, let alone go to a salon or to the movies. It’s been time for a while to think outside the box and consider at-home options or go out in nature. You don’t have to be trapped any longer. Get out of the house and go live your life — socially distanced, of course.

Give yourself a manicure.


This might seem a little ridiculous, but when your nails are done it’s like the confident cherry on top of looking and feeling great. When your nails look good, whether it’s a natural nail french tip or a wild pattern, you feel good. Why not look good and feel good even while you’re at home? You deserve that much.

Not everyone is a nail artist or nail technician, but now you don’t have to be. At-home manicures are more possible than ever. There’s no more need to worry about how to get a backfill on your acrylic nails since gel manicures are accessible online and won’t cause irreparable damage to the nail bed like acrylics inevitably will. Acrylic nails and gel nail polish are long-lasting nail finishes typically applied in a professional salon setting. It’s also really difficult to remove them both without going to the salon, making it seem like an unachievable at-home DIY. Unfortunately, unless you are a manicurist or have a steady hand and are ambidextrous, acrylic nails aren’t an at-home option. But do you really want that? Gel manicures are a more gentle option and are far more accessible.

Luckily, at-home gel nails are more achievable than ever! Now you don’t have to settle for regular nail polish that only lasts a day or two. Stick-on gels are an option that can be applied in mere minutes — even at home! You’ll have awesome nails without any of the hassles of regular polish. Look for a product that doesn’t require UV light and all the smelly chemicals that might stink up your home. It would be even better if the removal process didn’t involve acetone and you could just peel it off! Removing should be just as easy and shouldn’t require UV or acetone.

Nail art is a form of self-expression. In this day in age, it’s hard to be yourself and make a statement when you’re couped up in your house all day. When you can order customized nails and have a gorgeous mani in minutes, you’ll feel more confident and make a bold statement — even if it’s just to your cat.

Get outta town!


Traveling may seem impossible these days. While you should absolutely be cautious and aware of exposing yourself to the public too much, you also shouldn’t immediately write off a little family vacation. Vacation rentals in North Carolina and even Panama City Beach may seem like places you don’t want to go right now, but with the appropriate practice of social distancing you and your family will be safer than you think Don’t give up quite yet — keep searching! There’s at least one great alternative for your family’s next vacation rental.

Choose a place where it’s easy to stay socially distanced and where there is fresh air abound. Camping is an excellent way to get out into nature, feel the fresh air, and enjoy life outside of the home. The outdoors is fresh, spacious, and full of authentic sightseeing that man cannot manufacture. There are secret places hidden in parts of the country you wouldn’t normally think of — like the coast of Oregon.

Site for Shore Eyes is a great guide for the exploration of Oregon’s shoreline near the Mill Casino. The best places have a detailed safety plan — shore eyes’ offers accommodation for the needs of each individual family to make them feel safe and secure in these uncertain times. Here’s a place with tons of natural scenery and life which are both comparable to vacation destinations like Panama City Beach, FL that have attractions like Shipwreck Island, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, and ZooWorld Zoological Conservatory. But, in all honesty, who needs all of that? These confined and often overcrowded spaces aren’t an option in this day and age. Camping in the great outdoors in an RV campground is a way to bond with your family in the perfect socially distanced setting, and with Site for Shore Eyes as a guide, you’ll get tips from locals about all of the natural destinations in the area. Who needs the beaches of Florida when there are so many beautiful coastal sites off the beaten path in Oregon?

Take a chill pill.


If you’re unable to get out of the house for a little getaway and the full weight of isolation anxiety is weighing down on you, you might want to look into CBD products that can help lift your mood and relax you.

There are ways to obtain CBD — a legal substance derived from hemp plants — legally! You’ll of course want to obtain it from a reliable and trustworthy source that creates quality CBD flower products that fit all legal requirements under the Farm Bill as opposed to industrial hemp manufacturers that peddle their CBD products in convenient stores.

The right CBD and hemp products can be consumed in a variety of ways: CBD concentrates, edibles, CBD vape pens, and hemp CBD cigarettes are a few of the common methods of consumption. Hemp, a variety of cannabis Sativa, is naturally low in THC and rich in cannabidiol — a.k.a CBD. Hemp like marijuana contains compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The difference, however, is CBD is not an indica vs sativa debate. Those descriptors only refer to cannabis and the way it looks when it’s growing. In reality, all hemp is Sativa, and Indica is only used to describe certain strains of marijuana.

If you have reservations about the idea of smoking a CBD cigarette, consider a few things. Smokable hemp rolled into a CBD joint is free of pesticides, harmful chemicals, nicotine, and carcinogens like regular cigarettes. While this is far less harmful to your body than regular cigarettes, you do have to consider the cons. CBD strains can contain at least a little THC, and while you won’t experience any of the psychoactive effects you may not be able to pass a drug test. Be sure to educate yourself on CBD regulations before begin reaping the benefits of CBD.